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Executive Helicopters since 1992 has been a privately owned family business that specializes in Executive Transportation, Broadcast TV, Motion Pictures, Television Productions as Cargo Transportation and Air Crane Services. We are an FAA Approved, fully licensed and insured 135 Air Taxi Service. We utilize some of the worlds safest and most reliable helicopters. The Bell 206 Jet Ranger. Executive Helicopters has been an FAA Part 135 Air Taxi Operator since October of 1993.

Our Helicopters are equipped with a traffic avoidance system,Super Night Scanner Search Light, Programable FM/UHF Radios as well as digital TV and flight phone at no additional charge for your use through our Bose Noise canceling headsets. we also have iPhone or iPod interfaces so you can listen to your own music or charge your phone while in flight.

The rear windows of our Jet Ranger are wedge type allowing more elbow room and for photo flights we have additionasl doors with photo sliding windows to aid in ease of mobility while shooting hand held still and video photography and can also be removed.

President and Chief Pilot Dan " Chopper Dan" Sweazen has been flying helicopters since 1975. With over 10,000 total accident free flight hours. Dan has recieved numerous commendations and awards from Clients, State, Local and Federal Agencies. Dan is also a Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA quailified Pilot/Actor for Motion Picture, TV and Broadcast Productions that may require it. Executive has extensive experience providing helicopter services for TV "ENG"/Electronic News Gathering, Motion Pictures, Commercials, Air Taxi, Microwave Uplink/Downlink and camera work for races such as NASCAR, CART and IRL.

Executive Helicopters also specializes in Natural Gas Pipeline Survey and Construction Progress flights. All we need is a KML file of your centerline and we will always stay on your route. With the addition of our FREE HD camera system, your pipeline flights will be videoed and that allows you to have a SDHD Card copy of your pipeline flight video for further review at your offices or to share thru out your company. We only charge for the SDHD cards which are only $30.00.In addition to our survey experience our Air Crane Division can efficiently move pipe to in accessable right of ways saving your company and clients thousands in access road permits and labor. See TCB Pipeline video below.

Motion Picture Credits include: Mothman Prophecies, The Christmas Tree, Inspector gadget, Air Force One, The Kill Point, Director Tony Scott's "Unstoppable" scouts, Three Rivers and many more.
TV credits include The American Experience "Into the Deep", "Life Changing Medicine" on Discovery, "Boomtown" on Discovery In Pittsburgh, PA we have been CBS/KDKA TV-2 "News Chopper 2" for over seventeen years
We have provided services for the New York and Cleveland Marathon's, Tour De Toona Cycle race, US Open Golf Course Profiles, The Golf Channel, ESPN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX.

This is the 36" Wescam Film Camera system that was used for the UPMC Commercial and The Guardian TV Show.


The UPMC Commercial Shoot Crew Photo, David Norris camera operator


Executive Helicopters can assist in providing you with rentals of Cineflex Gyro Stabilized HD camera systems as well as Wescam and Flir in addition to our front mounted Standard Def Wescam SS16-750 for the Bell 206 series helicopters.

In addition we also have a FLIR 6000 nose mounted gyro stabilized Infra Red system that can be used for Gas Leak Detection, Law Enforcement as well as thermal Surveys of Steam Systems and Heat Loss from buildings. Our production aircraft always include onboard VTR connections, Flat Screen Monitors, Video Switcher and Audio Mixer.

We offer discounted rates of the latest Cineflex HD gyro stabilized cameras from Aerial Film Works. Packages include operator, HD Deck and Helicopter time. Call for a quote.

Executive Helicopters has the Experience, The Equipment, The Facilities, The Locations and the Personnel to take care of you, the customer as well as your customers. Executive strives to pamper not only You and Your Clients but in these tough times your BUDGET and Wallet as well. We offer very affordable Production Packages as well to suit everything from the Largest Hollywood Movie to the Smaller Local Video shoots. Executive can offer that to you because we are closer to where you need to be. Yes our hourly rates include the Pilot and Fuel as well as adding you as additional insured to our production policy if needed at no additional charge!!

Since we don't have to shell out thousands for fancy advertising and complicated Web Sites we pass that savings on to you, Our Experience, reputation and numerous references do the "Advertising" for us. At Executive Helicopters your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Executive Helicopters can easily carry a foursome of golfers in our leather appointed interior and four golf bags, clubs and duffels INSIDE our baggage compartment to any number of the regions preimier Golf Courses such as Oakmont CC, Longue Vue Club,Nemacolin Woodlands, Firestone CC Etc. Call Today for a Day Rate for your next golf outing. By Helicopter its possible to play at several courses in the same day!!

At our central offices just outside the City Limits in Etna, PA we are stratigically located just outside the Steelers and Pirates Sporting event Temporary Flight Restriction zone "TFR". During game days We can always guarantee that you will be able to fly in and out of the heliport no matter what your mission. We can also offer at no additional charge short term production office space on the days when motion pictures or videos are being shot with us. No expensive ferry time from "Timbucktu" to Pittsburgh or back and forth to a airport to refuel as we have 5000 gallons Jet Fuel on sight for our use only! With Executive Helicopters you are already here in the heart of the Big City! We are also just slightly over an hour away from Cleveland and Columbus Ohio and offer special reduced rates for ferry time dead heading to and from locations.

Executive's FAA Award Winning Construction Helicopter division, PITTSBURGH AIR CRANE SERVICES, Utilizes a Sikorsky S-58C heavy lift helicopter that will accomodate loads of up to 4000 lbs. In addition we have also added our Bell Jet Ranger in order to handle smaller loads up to 800 lbs. at a fraction of the cost that a crane rental would be. Call for a quote on your next Air Handler,Fan or heavy lift. WE also specialize in crashed aircraft recovery.

Breaking News in addition to our reliable Bell 206 series and Sikorsky S58 aircraft we will soon be adding an additional Bell 206B3 Jet Ranger

24 Hour Service - Fully Insured ($10 Million Liability)- FAA Approved Part 135 Air Carrier and Part 133 External Load Operator

We accept Master Card and Visa as well as cash and checks

Executive is conveniently located at our Heliport and Office/Warehouse/Hangar Just 5 Minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh off of Route 28.

Executive Helicopter's has Landing Areas through-out the Tri-State Area for your convenience. Executive's years of experience we can also help consult and design a helistop and heliport for Private, City and Bussiness.

- FLIR Infra Red Gyro Stabilized Camera
- Electronic News Gathering
- Law Enforcement and Search
- Wescam SS-16 750 Gyro Stabilized Camera
- Heavy Lift and Cargo
- Helicopter Pilot Services
- Air Taxi Service
- Sight Seeing
- Cineflex HD rentals
- Motion Pictures
- Microwave Video Downlink
- Tyler Camera Mounts

Executive Helicopters and Air Crane Service's Crew receiving FAA Eastern Region Award for Aviation Safety
while assisting Lockeed Martin in the recovery of its HALE-D demonstrator aircraft.

Our crew attended the 2013 HAI Heli Expo in Las Vegas here we are checking out Bell Helicopters 429.

The following are some sample videos of previous jobs.

Lift Highlights 8-9-14 from Lyle Chamberlain on Vimeo.

Dan Sweazen - Chief Pilot/President
P.O. Box 77165
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

Phone Toll Free US 1-800-643-8838 or 412-782-1577

Cell Phone 412-417-0474 Phone Toll Free UK 08009176419

Fax 1-412-782-1050

E-mail us: Dansweazen@aol.com

For all of your Helicopter Small to Heavy Lift Needs in Pittsburgh Tri-State Area use our Pittsburgh Air Crane Division 1-800-643-8838

We recommend the following experienced aerial Still Photographers

Charles Uhl 412-492-9100

5 State Helicopters - Heavy Lift and Fire Fighter Helicopter Services
For all of your Helicopter Heavy Lift Needs in the rest of the United States Use our friends at 5 state Helicopters

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